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Abolt Construction works with all types of concrete work including:

  • Demolition

  • Site Preparation

  • Concrete Forming

  • Concrete Repair

  • Structural Concrete

  • Aprons, Curbs & Footings

  • Foundations & Underpinning

  • Erosion Control & Abatement

  • Parking Slabs & Driveways

  • Retaining & Containment Walls

  • Steps, Driveways & Walkways

  • Concrete Cleaning

  • Gunite

  • Shotcrete

  • Concrete Pumping

  • Cutting

  • Precast Concrete

  • Core Drilling

  • Elevated Slabs

  • Post Tensioning

  • Pervious (green) Concrete

Our strength is designing structural concrete -- rebar placement and sizing, footing size, joint placement, and mix design. We will use the best method for placement and our skilled finishers can finish to your specifications -- broomed, smooth, stamped, colored, exposed aggregate, or stained.

We look forward to the opportunity to work together with you and show you the difference in our approach to projects.

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