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Contact us for all types of masonry work including:

  • Brick, Block & Stone

  • Repair

  • Renovation

  • Acid Brick

  • Dairy Brick Floor

  • Floor Brick

  • Glass and Glazed Block

  • Chimneys

  • Fireplaces

  • Stone and Brick Veneers

  • Waterproofing

  • Pointing, crack repair, cleaning and sealing

  • Historic Restoration

  • Masonry Inspection

  • Patios and outdoor kitchens



When most people think of masonry, they naturally think of stone and brick. But masonry also includes cast stone and pre-cast concrete panels, concrete blocks, and glass blocks. Within each of these categories is a wide range of choices in surfaces, textures, sizes, colors, thickness, mortar, and applications. Abolt Construction prides ourselves in constantly keeping abreast with improved materials and innovative ways to use masonry.


Abolt Construction's bricklayers and laborers bring to every job a proud tradition of doing the best job possible.

Perhaps the greatest benefit from using masonry as opposed to other construction materials is its strength. Stone, brick, and cast materials have always been the choice when permanence and strength have been the desired result. Masonry is pest and weather resistant and fireproof. Because of these qualities, masonry has long been the choice for buildings of importance and stature. 

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